Saturday, December 24, 2011

Introducing KEYpers - Merry Christmas Amy!

Merry Merry Christmas and Welcome to the new blog for KEYpers! 

Hi! I'm McKenna designer, photographer and the little and only sister of Amy (the creator and designer of KEYpers.) Amy is just up and coming with her business and I decided that I would gift her a logo, a blog and a facebook page for Christmas! I gave her a few color choices to choose from and designed it based on her favorite, all unbeknownst to her --so if you can't tell, her favorite color is purple. Hehe! I love surprises!

I hope you like it Aim! :)

I may be bias but I am so impressed with my sister and her talent and creativity. She came up with these awesome keychains (the clever name too) and they have quickly become the hottest item around. And it's no wonder because the are cute, affordable and super convenient, I never loose my keys... and not to mention great for gifts!! (Everyone in our family has them!) We LOVE 'em!

So if you love 'em too, find KEYpers on facebook and 'like' Amy's new page! We'll be updating you often with news and promotions so check back often for giveaways and new designs. Amy's got more in store for you so get excited!

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